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I am torn (or “Where I’m at on Oct. 2, 2014.”)

For the first five years of fatherhood,
I toiled as a newspaper man.
I often worked weekends and into the night;
It was all going according to plan.

But whose plan was it?I thought it was mine
Until life reached a fork in the road.
And a change in direction revealed much doubt
Over which way my life’s path should go.

Hard times hit the papers, and also hit me,
So I decided to go it alone.
I packed up my desk, gave up my paycheques,
And started to freelance from home.

Suddenly daddy was home for dinner!
I could pick up my daughters from school.
Bedtime stories became my domain,
There were no more Sunday adieus.

My income declined, but I didn’t mind;
My wife’s job had benefits to spare.
I felt like I’d give up a thousand paycheques
For bedtime with a book and a chair

But try as I might, finances got tight,
Our savings? They started to slide.
What I do I adore, but I love my girls more,
And for them I have got to provide.

A wise man once said paradoxes yield truth,
But truth sure seems cruel and unfair,
When love for my family takes me away
From our home and the love that we share

But that is the nature of this modern world
Who am I to sidestep its strange pressures?
Time to resume the race, pick up my old pace
Difficult times call for difficult measures.

The months that I’ve had as a work-at-home dad
Have value beyond steady pay.
So they will be in my heart, as I make a new start
On another trip into the fray…

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