1000 families project ashley and finley

1,000 Families Project:
Ashley and Finley

I never expected to be a single mother, and I certainly didn’t think that I could have the life I have today while raising a child on my own, but here we are. Finley is gearing up to turn five this winter, and I’m still trying to figure out how that happened.

I had Finley when I was 21 years old—young to say the least. I got married to his father, my long-time partner, a year and a half later. The marriage lasted less than eight months. At 23 I went back to school to study public relations and the rest is history. It’s been a wild ride to say the least!

We live on the East Coast (currently between Halifax and Moncton as I just accepted a new job!), and are fortunate to have my extended family incredibly involved in our lives. Finley and I share our home with Duncan the Wonder Cat, and a multitude of stuffed animals who Finley considers “part of our family.” I now work as a marketing and social media professional for a tech company in Moncton, but between my day-job and my full-time parenting gig, I write for YummyMummyClub.ca, Greenmommy.com and my personal blog, imashleymi.com.

Our days are frenzied at best, and unmanageable at worst, but they’re (almost) always full of the good stuff.

I’m an adoptee. So is my brother. A “different” family was always what I thought was “normal.” I get a lot of questions about my ex-husband, and my son is constantly faced with “But where’s your dad?” queries from other children. As a result, we spend a lot of time discussing the differences in families and how, even though they might look a little different, they’re all made up of the same stuff: love.

This is #1000families post number 29. Do you have a family story of your own to contribute to the 1,000 Families Project? Or do you know a family that might want to do so? Learn more about how the series got started and how to get involved here. You can find all of the #1000families posts here.

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Ashley and Finley' have 1 comment

  1. November 11, 2014 @ 10:39 pm Brandy

    So proud of you Ashley and the life you have built for you and your son!


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