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1,000 Families Project: Global TV’s Antony Robart and Family

A career in morning television means Global’s Antony Robart wakes painfully early each morning. But the odd hours are a boon for his family life with two young children.

My day begins at 3:30 a.m. five days a week and I love it. Oh, I don’t enjoy every aspect of my early schedule; for example I can never say I am well rested (but hey, what parent with two children under five can?) and my body never really adjusts. If you ignore all of that though, my atypical hours are fantastic. In fact, I am grateful for them.

Work-life balance is an extremely difficult thing to mediate and something so many parents strive to achieve. It is something I have. The most important thing in my life is family: my partner-in-crime, Christine, and my two children—my two beautiful, intelligent, capable, kind, goofy kids, Kieran, 4, and Havynn, 3. With a schedule that begins before dawn, I finish work by early afternoon which leaves me hours every day to spend with them.

In the morning, Christine has the important and busy responsibility of taking the kids to school and daycare. (I have already been awake for 5-6 hours by that point). She then heads off for her hectic day at work, between the usual hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. I pick my kids up from school and daycare; I am always waiting for them the moment they get out.

When I look at other hard-working families and parents trying to juggle work and kids, I realize how difficult it must be. A traditional workday means always being in a hurry, driving during rush hour and limited time—maybe an hour with the kids before bedtime. I, on the other hand, spend a minimum of four hours playing with my children every day. We hang out, do family stuff, I even make them dinner (most nights anyway). How many parents who work full-time can actually do that? I am also fortunate enough to bathe and put them to bed almost every night. Christine gets home around 7:00 p.m. (finally!! Just kidding) and we spend time together as a family-before she tackles their lunches and preps their clothes for the next day. As well, for the time being, both children stay at home with Christine on Fridays, where it is non-stop activities geared around the kids.

While incredibly challenging on so many levels, our schedules allow us to really cherish the time we have with our kids while they are young. I was there to see and record both of my kids take their very first steps and I can say that we have read to our children almost every single night of their lives.

Just like all other parents, though, there are many things Christine and I are still trying to figure out. The most recent topic of discussion is whether or not to get a pet; others include school, daycare and household duties. We embrace the time we have with our kids and encourage them to express themselves in any and every way they can. I have two beautiful children and though I am lucky to have such a wonderful job, I am luckier still to be their father.

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  1. June 4, 2015 @ 8:17 am Jacques

    Antony you do have a wonderful famely!!! I love your values. Most add that we miss you in the morning!


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