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A Father’s Day Tribute to the
Dads of 1,000 Families

It’s Father’s Day and we can’t think of a better time to sing the praises of the wonderful dads who have shared their stories in The New Family’s blog series, “I bet we can find a 1,000 ways to be a family,” aka the 1,000 Families Project.

Our very first dad, the second contributor to the series overall, was Frank Emanuele, who along with his partner norm, became a dad through surrogacy. We’re excited to share that this lovely family is expanding soon with the help of the same wonderful lady.

Next came adorable firefighter musician Andrew Mann with the story of his adjustment to single fatherhood.

Journalist Mike Wallberg reflected on his changing family, as well as the blended family he was a part of when he was young. You can read Mike’s in-depth exploration of stay-at-home fatherhood here.

Brian Baker shared the powerful story of how nearly dying at age 16 affects his approach to parenting.

Then came Colin’s humorous reflection on adjusting to new duties when his wife Kelly went back to full-time employment after being a stay-at-home-mom for nine years, and Adam Bisby’s poetic explanation of some of the tough aspects of being an at-home dad while trying to make a living as a freelancer.

Jason Graham wrote this lovely post on how his family life has been impacted by moving to the country, and fifth-generation farmer Paul Spence wrote about the quest for a more local, sustainable food system he shares with his Ecuadorian wife.

Paralympic champion Mark Colbourne shared how his relationship with his daughter has endured both divorce and the fall from the sky that left him with a life-changing disability.

Author Christopher Shulgan wrote about how his relationship with his ex-wife is so cooperative she sometimes babysits the toddler he has with his second wife.

Ryan Nakashima shared his incredible story of life with newborn triplets.

Many of you were moved when Marc Brisson told us about his unique family, which includes their best friend from camp—who happens to use a wheelchair—in the role of live-in uncle to their little one.

Daddy blogger Pat McLean wrote about splitting primary care-giving duties with his wife, and Christian Bates explained that the amicable relationship he enjoys with his ex-wife includes an open-door policy and even going on vacation together.

Justin Van Leeuwen, the man behind Extreme Family Photography, told us about doing everything out of the expected order and the special little guy who holds their incredible blended family together.

Steve Mulrooney-Côtés explained why he and his wife took each other’s last names 22 years ago.

Ramsey Debaissi told us about coping with his son’s leukemia diagnosis and raising funds for Sick Kids Hospital. Jyotish Dhebar shared about how his own cancer diagnosis was helping to him to cherish every day with his family.

Global Television’s Antony Robart wrote about how his career in morning television means rising incredibly early but also being there for his kids after school each day.

Mathew Lajoie told us about his family’s move to the big city and his transition to full-time stay-at-home dad.

Greg Allen shared that, in his household, it was his wife who needed to warm up to the idea of starting a family.

Steffen Ploeger and his husband are dads to two chihuahuas so far, but hope to expand their family in the near future.

So that’s our list of 1,000 Families posts written by fathers so far! We can’t wait to bring you more stories of today’s hands-on, in-the-trenches dads. If you are a dad who’s got something to say, we’d love to hear from you. Ditto if you know a dad who you think should be celebrated on The New Family.

Before we wrap up, though, I just want to acknowledge a few more dads, starting with The New Family’s food editor, Michael Forbes, who brings you many delicious recipes from his kitchen. Mike is his household’s main chef and he’s am absolute meal-planning ninja.

Then there’s my parenting co-pilot, Derek DeCloet, who with his cooperative attitude and dedication to the kids, not only makes our unique parenting situation possible, but doesn’t mind me sharing it with the world.

My own lovely father, Glen Weikle, passed away quite suddenly six and a half years ago, and his absence is certainly felt on this day. I know he would have been proud of Derek and I for making a good family life after divorce and that he would have enjoyed reading the stories so many of you have shared on The New Family.

Both my sister and I feel very grateful to have a wonderful step-father, Roy Langstaff, who has been an absolute rock for us, as well as our hard-working mother. His unflappable demeanor, love and generosity mean the world to us, as well as to my two boys, to whom he is known as Papa Roy.

Thank you for being awesome dads, all of you.

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