1,000 Families Project: Tracey and Family

1,000 Families Project:
Tracey and Family

How this mom overcame domestic abuse to find happiness with a new husband and two daughters.

I am married to my true soul mate. But life wasn’t always this amazing. When I was much younger, I married my then high school sweetheart. I knew in my heart that I probably shouldn’t, but it was just the next step, right? We dated all through high school. We were considered the it couple, so how could I ever shatter the image of what everyone had of us from the outside? When the abuse got more violent and I feared for my life, I knew I didn’t have an option but to leave.

By the grace of God, the path was clear and I left one day while he was out of town on
business. I moved in with my parents to recover and heal.

During these years, I had become a very successful personal fitness trainer. When he could not
control me or his anger any longer, the events escalated. The abuse was both verbal and
physical. Eighteen years later I actually went back and visited him. I know now it was to forgive him and myself. Looking back on that time in my life, I am grateful for the relationship and the forgiveness. I love the woman I am today and the journey it took me to get here. I would not be who I am had I not gone through all of it. I believe that things happen for us not to us.

Today, my husband of 21 years and I truly have a very special bond. He is the most generous, kind and loving person I had ever met. We have two amazing daughters—Mekenna is 15 and Marina (Boo) is 12. After going through pure hell, God truly blessed me with a beautiful family.

But life is always interesting, with its humbling challenges and twists. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis when she was four-and-a-half years old. She has lived most of her life completely bald and void of any body hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. One thing she is not void of is an amazing spirit and a high level of courage and understanding of life. She has taught us all so much. Our family is extremely close and supportive, but it is not always easy. We would all gladly trade places with her, but that cannot be. She is a true warrior and she makes us all better.

I am the type of parent who believes that we can not rescue our children or they will miss the
very lessons intended for their personal growth. Doing things for them and saving them is a
complete disservice to them in the future. So my girls do their own laundry, grocery shop, cook and clean the house. We are all vegetarians so it takes us all to know how to cook and what to eat for our own wellness. Our health is truly our source of true wealth on this earth, and I want to give my girls the skills to know how to truly have self-care.

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Tracey is the life coach, strategist and speaker behind Threads of Evolution. An entrepreneur who formerly ran both a fitness center and a children's clothing company, Tracey lives in Arizona with her husband and two daughters. View all posts by

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Tracey and Family' have 1 comment

  1. Cathline James

    September 3, 2015 @ 11:36 pm Cathline James

    Great story Tracey, and I certainly agree that supporting our children to be independent does a lot for their self esteem.


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