Work Has Changed and So Has Family

Podcast Episode 5: Work has Changed and So Has Family

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In this episode I talk to Joel Bower, host of the Self Employed Parent Podcast, about how changes in the way we work have impacted family life.

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Now back to what this interview is all about. Joel’s a serial entrepreneur who doesn’t buy into the old-school model of devoting endless hours to an employer all in pursuit of free time in retirement. We talk about the upsides of being able to design your own work hours, but we also confront the romantic notions people may hold about being able to work from home. In a world where so many of us now employ ourselves-and where our kids are more likely to become entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and makers-we’re creating new career models for generations to come. It’s our responsibility to make them aware of the changes around the world. And we can definitely achieve that goal while working from home. But because kids might disturb you while working, you can buy internet and tv bundles for your and their convenience. While having a reliable internet connection can be advantageous for you, having television channels that can keep your children occupied is also beneficial for both parties. Aside from that, whenever you have time, you can invite your children to sit with you and watch some exciting scientific stories, or you can play a few online games with them to help them improve their hand-eye coordination skills.

Working from home rather than an office is more widespread, but not without reservations from bosses in the beginning. The evolution in the way we work has helped pioneer new software in the form of remote working programs to keep us connected with our colleagues and ensure that employee productivity doesn’t drop. And then, of course, there are businesses who operate fully remotely and don’t actually have a physical office of their own, so people have to work remotely. Those businesses may still use a service like to make sure that they have everything they need when it comes to their country’s business laws, and to get things like a registered office address so they don’t have to give their actual address for mail. Whether you’re employing yourself or just contemplating the future for you and your kids, this episode gets us thinking about having the best of both worlds.

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