New e-Book: 11 Ways to Keep Your Family Weeknights from Spinning Out of Control

A happy family life starts with weekly schedule that isn’t too cray-cray.

I don’t care what kind of ninja calendar-management and minivan-driving skills you have, it is tough to hang on to your sanity if your kids are over-programmed.

I put together this little e-book because as a mom of two and a parenting journalist, I’ve seen how the hectic nature of our weekly routines emerges time and again as one of the biggest pain points in modern family life.

We get so many messages telling us—subtly or otherwise—that we could always be doing more for our children. More lessons. More tutoring. More sports. At the same time, we also hear that gathering for family dinners can have a big impact on positive outcomes for kids. How do we get square these seemingly conflicting values?

Well, it starts with creating a schedule that’s manageable for everyone in the family. This e-book offers real-world advice for cutting down on the crazy and adding fun to your weekly routine.

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I hope you find it helpful!

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