Podcast Episode 23: Around the World with Kids!

Podcast Episode 23: Around the World With Kids!

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Episode 23 of The New Family Podcast!

For this episode, I talk with my friend Heather Greenwood-Davis about taking her kids out of school for the year and travelling the world as a family, hitting 29 countries on six continents. Heather is a travel writer whose work has appeared all over the place, including Oprah magazine and National Geographic Traveller, and many other top-notch publications as well. She also writes a great blog called Globetrotting Mama. Heather and I talk about how she and her husband pulled off an around-the-world trip with two boys in tow, but more importantly, about realizing your dreams and living a no-regrets life.

Here are some great resources related to my discussion with Heather.

Heather’s 1,000 Families story

Heather’s blog Globetrotting Mama

Heather’s article on her trip for Oprah magazine

National Geographic Traveller piece naming Heather’s family Travellers of the Year

Heather’s Favourite Parenting Advice:
“Let your kids join your life. You should not be creating some idyllic paradise for your kids, but instead create a life where you can be happy and have them join it and that’s how you’ll create a happy family.” —Dr. Phil

“Bend the tree while it’s young. The idea is that it’s so much easier to shape a tree or a plant or a flower when it’s growing at a very young age, then it would be to move a full-grown oak. Children are much the same. If you instill in them at a young age your values and the things that are important and the things you really want them to leran and understand, then hopefully they’ll carry it with them and it’s a lot easier to do it than when they’re 30.”—a West Indian saying from Heather’s Jamaican-born mother

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