What We’re Eating: Family Dinners for the Week Ahead

As Monday was a holiday here (Family Day in Ontario), I was going to refer to this week’s entry as the four things we’re eating this week but the curried fish dish was so good and such a hit with the whole family, I decided to include it too.

Here are the family dinners that we’re cooking up this week:

Monday – Curried Seafood and Rice
My son and I saw Jamie Oliver make this on TV one weekend morning (likely between soccer matches). The Boy asked me to make it and here we are. It’s a layered dish built around brown rice, toasted spices and finished with seafood (never did find curry leaves, so I just substituted a heaping teaspoon of curry powder). You have to pay a bit of attention to it and it takes a bit of time — not the ideal combination for a mid-week meal — but a great dish for a Sunday (or a holiday Monday) especially when the weather has been cold.

Tuesday – Sweet, Aromatic Soy Sauce Noodles
My kids and wife won’t be home until after 7 this week so I wanted a dish I could put together and get on the table really quickly (I know the Boy will be hangry when he gets home). I’ve been using PC udon noodles from Loblaw a lot lately as they boil in minutes and they can also go straight into a wok without pre-cooking. Just need to sauce them up and get them on the plate…

Wednesday – Prosciutto-Wrapped Cod With Chorizo and Cannellini Beans
The only night of the week with no activities, which means a bit more time in the kitchen and a bit more time around the table. This week I’m going to try a new one-pan dish that has a touch of meat but hopefully not too much for our pescatarian daughter. The chorizo tucked into the beans also means the Boy is more likely to eat them.

Thursday – Veggie Tacos
I often think the tacos are more about the topping than the base – fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, a bit of shredded cabbage and radish and then some hot sauce…we’ve been eating veggie tacos since Kid1 gave up meat. Hard to believe, but I haven’t missed it.

Friday – Pizza night
The Boy is lobbying for the dreaded Hawaiian with ham and pineapple. Not sure where I went wrong.

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