1,000 Families Project: Tech Entrepreneur and Mom of Three Nisha Sarveswaran and Family

1,000 Families Project: Tech Entrepreneur and Mom of Three Nisha Sarveswaran and Family

This mom of three grew up wanting to be a rocket scientist, so it was natural for her to choose aerospace engineering at university. Now, with help from a supportive husband and parents, she juggles her young family with owning a tech start-up called Ambience Data now part of incubator The DMZ at Ryerson University.

The definition of family is different to everybody. Some definitions are more traditional whereas others are more eclectic. In my personal opinion, a big factor that contributes to the definition of family comes from the culture you grow up with. My family is from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the most northern part of the island. I was born in Sri Lanka and lived there for eight years before my family decide to move to Mississauga, Ontario. Although I was still fairly young, I remember the difficulty our family had during the adjustment stage of moving to an entirely different country. The language barrier and change in culture alone were just the tip of the iceberg for us. But not long after we moved to Canada I became an older sister to my brother, who is nine years younger. As our time in Canada grew longer, my family was able to completely adapt to the western culture while still preserving some cultural traditions from Sri Lanka.

After 24 years of living in Mississauga, Ontario, I now have a family of my own. I am a wife to my husband and mother to three of my beautiful children. When many people listen to me talk about my family, they are always shocked at what they hear. I was always sure of myself and was aware of what I wanted in life and would work as hard as I needed to in order to achieve my goals. Ever since I was young I wanted to be a Rocket Scientist, so when it came to apply to university I went for the aerospace engineering program; some people don’t start planning their careers until they have to in Grade 11 or 12, but I had my future planned out when I first entered high school. I sat with my guidance councillor in grade nine and told them what I wanted and ask what I had to do to achieve my goal. This characteristic is constant in all aspects of my life. I got married at the young age of 23 years old, fresh out of university where I met my husband. I had my oldest daughter when I was 25 years of age, my son when I was 27 years old, and my youngest daughter when I was 29 years old. Along with my three children, I also have two large sized dogs who I consider my canine children.

Many people who have known me for years know how busy I can get with juggling so many different schedules. On top of my relatively large family I am also an Entrepreneur; I am the CEO and founder of an air quality monitoring company based in Mississauga called Ambience Data. I started this business two years ago and we are currently at our busiest point. Many people who are busy with three young children generally prefer a career that allows hours from 9-5, but I am different in this aspect. I am aggressive in what I want in all aspects of my life and will work as hard as I have to in order to achieve everything I want. It also helps that I have an extremely supportive husband, although his schedule is busy as well, our family works together to make it all happen. When necessary, we also have the help of both our parents when our schedule presents unavoidable conflicts.

It definitely gets challenging with three kids and a demanding career. But the benefit of owning your own company is being able to make your own hours. Whenever my kids aren’t feeling well or whenever my family needs me I am able to stay home with them and do work for my business later at night. Albeit I may not get the same amount of sleep as the average person, I am proud and happy to be as busy as I am with my family and career. It is also a further incentive to stay aggressive in my career because I know the success of my company will improve the human health and air quality of our earth. I will work my hardest to improve the future of my family and other families.

My husband and I will continue to work together to ensure we are always there for each other and for our children. As my company continues to grow and my family gets busier we will continue to adapt to the changes just as my parents did when they first moved to Canada.

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Nisha Sarveswaran is an Entrepreneur of an air quality monitoring company called Ambience Data, and mother of three young children. With such a busy career and family, both her and her husband are working together to ensure they live a balanced life between family and career. View all posts by

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