Podcast Episode 81: To Stay or Go—Grappling With the End of the Marriage

Podcast Episode 81: To Stay or Go—Grappling with the End of Marriage

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Episode 81 of The New Family Podcast where Jacqueline Green details her story on the difficult but empowering choice to leave a marriage.

Very few among us enter a marriage expecting that it might end. My guest on this episode was no different. Jacqueline Green is the host of The Great Parenting Show and she’s been a parent educator and coach for 15 years. She’s known for her candor about some of the tough stuff life throws us. To that end, she’s the author of the forthcoming book, Strong Enough to Stay; Smart Enough to Go about her own tumultuous marriage. Jacqueline now helps to coach moms through the process of deciding whether or not they will leave their marriages, as well as those having trouble co-parenting in or out of a relationship. She shares her own journey and offers some tangible advice for people wrestling with whether or not to end their marriages.

Here are some great resources related to my discussion with Jacqueline.

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Emergency Shelters for Women and Families

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What to Do When You Want a Positive Co-Parenting Relationship But Your Ex is Making it Impossible

Jacqueline’s Favourite Parenting Advice
“Whatever’s going on in your life, what can you do today to make yourself happier? […] It’s very easy, even with our kids, to ruminate a lot about what’s going and not actually focus in on what’s something I can do today to get some tangible action, get some momentum happening.”

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