Podcast Episode 103: Dad of 8 on Raising Kids Who Have a Sense of Purpose

Podcast Episode 103: Dad of 8 on Raising Kids Who Have a Sense of Purpose

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Episode 103 of The New Family Podcast where we talk to a dad of 8 on raising kids to have a sense of purpose, and about finding that purpose for ourselves.

I’m joined for this episode by a father of eight kids! Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein is also the host of a new podcast called Beginning Within, which is all about strengthening ourselves by spending less time getting caught up with what’s going on around us and more time focusing on what’s going on internally.

That can be a tall order in this age of distraction. Aryeh talks to us about how we can make that sort of shift in focus, not only to lead more purposeful and happy lives ourselves, but so we can be in the present moment with our kids—and more patient, too. He also shares his wisdom on raising children who are grounded and self-aware, who have a strong sense of responsibility to and value within their families.

Here are some great resources related to my discussion with Aryeh.

Aryeh’s website, Beginning Within

Aryeh’s Beginning Within Podcast

Aryeh’s online course, The Art of Parenting and the free offer of the course for New Family listeners

Aryeh’s book recommendation

There a great quote from a well-known psychotherapist, Victor Frankl. He wrote a phenomenal book called Man’s Search for Meaning . I think it’s fundamental to this point that we’re discussing about transforming ourselves so that everything outside isn’t always prompting us.

He writes, “Between stimulus and response there’s a space, and in that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” And what he’s really saying is that if we can create a slight pause…in that moment we can grab a hold of ourselves. Become more aware of what we really want and what’s really important.”

Aryeh’s favourite parenting advice:
“Be the change you want to see in your child. When we are true to what we’re telling our children, and they see it in our behaviour, they naturally absorb it. But when we tell them one thing and they see us acting differently, they have a very hard time absorbing it.”

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