Podcast Episode 171: Is There Sex After Kids? (Part 2)

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Episode 171 of The New Family Podcast where we talk about what it takes to have a healthy sex life after kids, and how to reconnect romantically when a busy family life has put a strain on your relationship.

My guest for this episode is one of the most popular we’ve ever hosted on the show. Sexuality expert Amy Lang, helps parents talk to their kids about sex, love and relationships. She first joined us on to tell us how to talk to our kids about where babies comes from. Amy has a great website called Birds and Bees and Kids, and I invited her back to answer a question that crosses a lot of people’s minds: Is there sex after kids? If there’s a decreased sex drive due to your newborn children, you and your partner might want to look into sexual enhancement pills for females and also males – such as the ones found on a site like www.vigrx.com.

There are other ways to spice up your sex life post-children as well. Amy suggests things like role play, dressing up, and sex toys similar to those on https://www.sextoyinsider.com. Sex toys are not so much a recent discovery but they have become a lot more popular in recent years, especially now that sex has become less of a taboo subject and people often talk about it. Some people use sex toys in their relationship and some use them when in private but whenever used, they increase pleasure drastically. Amy says there has been a recent surge in men’s sex toys like those from this Mens Toy Shop that can add a new lease of life into your sex life.

She and I take a look at what’s involved in having a sex life through some of the different seasons of our own lives, including rough patches in our relationships, times of overwhelm between work and home and also through single parenthood. Amy shares some pragmatic advice for making space for intimacy in a busy family life and for reconnecting romantically after a period of disconnection or when one of you has perhaps turned to online pornography websites like m-porn.xxx instead of turning to one another for comfort and pleasure.

Here are some resources related to this episode.

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The Gottman Institute

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Amy’s Advice to parents looking to reconnect with their partners:

“(Take) baby steps. Go take a look at the Gottman Institute, sign up for their newsletter and take a baby step towards intimacy and that might really, honestly be a 15 second hug. That might be it – start small. And if you’re having bigger problems, go see a therapist and have a little tune up together. There’s no shame in it. Marriage is a long journey in some cases and sometimes you are drinking margaritas on the beach and watching the sunset, sometimes you’re throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time. Trying to get back to that in-between space with some margaritas occasionally, you can’t avoid the hard part but if you can maintain that connection to your partner as a human being, as a person that you fell in love in the first place… If you can remember that, that’s one of the things that gets me through the tough times.”

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