AUTOMATED WEBINAR WITH Rosanna Breitman & Brandie Weikle

How To Co-Parent Well Through Separation, Divorce and Beyond

Whether you're just beginning to grapple with the end of a relationship or have been separated/divorced for years, co-parenting can be complicated. And we know just how desperately you want to ensure your children will be okay.

That's why we've designed a clear roadmap for controlling conflict and co-parenting well. Purchase our webinar now to learn how your whole family can thrive. Go through it at your own pace at a time that works for you.

When my marriage came apart, I was terrified about the future—particularly about how my impending divorce would affect my two young children.

I was heartbroken at the thought of condemning my boys to a life-time of "Who's got me this Christmas?" and determined not to put my kids through the kind of acrimonious divorce that my parents had had a generation before.

But over the past seven years I've been delighted to discover that you can indeed lead a happy family life after a relationship ends.

Rosanna Breitman
Family Mediator

Brandie Weikle
Divorce Consultant

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Today my ex-husband and I have a warm, co-operative relationship. So much so that we live next door to one another across a mutual driveway—even now that he's remarried. Our kids are happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

In fact, they're proud of our family as are their father and I.

When we were sorting out our separation, we worked with Rosanna Breitman, a senior family-lawyer-turned mediator with 20 years experience helping clients take control of their post-separation parenting conflict. That's why I've asked Rosanna to team up with me to offer a road map for positive co-parenting. We're bringing together what I've learned from the co-parenting trenches and from counselling others as a divorce coach with Rosanna's incredible insights from helping thousands of people to take control of their conflict and learn to work together for the sake of children and themselves.

We've combined our knowledge in an info-packed webinar for just $19.