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The New Family respects your privacy. We will not misuse, sell, or exploit any information provided to us. Any of the information provided is for the express purpose of interacting with our site as a reader/user, such as your email address when you register to leave a comment, or your order information if you purchase our webinar or other digital learning products. The New Family receives specific data about its website visitors only when such information is provided voluntarily, such as when our visitors purchase or enroll for services, comment on a post or page, or send us e-mail. When you provide personally-identifiable information to The New Family, it will be used to fulfill your specific request only. We will retain only the information needed to complete your order and keep a log for our business transactions, or to receive your feedback. Any information provided to us will not be shared with any other company or 3rd Party.

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We value you as a member of our community and will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. You can reach us via email at

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